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I whimpered, spun, but he was stronger than me.
He undressed me and herself, and began to write, I was not pleased, I started to beg him to stop, but he was like a zombie, did not hear me at all.
He paused for a moment, looked into his eyes, smiled, kissed and said:
- Zayush now will hurt. My little patience.

I do not know why, but those words have calmed me. I waved her head and closed her eyes. The next moment, I felt a strong pain, wanted to scream, but Dima kissed me. Eye of machine shed tears. I was hurt very much. I cried and begged to stop, saying that hurt.

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But all in vain.
He froze for a second or two. I took out his camera and finished off to the side.
I turned on her side, wrapped herself in a blanket and began to cry. He pleased got up, put his pants and went to smoke.
While he smoked, I finally calmed down.
Returning he saw me already dressed, relaxed and watching TV.
-Forgive me …
-Get out.

-I’m sorry I did not want to hurt you.
-And not so worried. You are forgiven. Go to sleep. But you’d better not talk about it or anyone. I’m good. I can also say too much.
-All right. Sorry.
We went to bed, and spent the whole shift in good, friendly relations and now excellent deal.

And never remembered about this case.
I worked with her for this and knew her in bed to satisfy one man is not easy. For this, she took to bed and different sex toys.

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