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- How old are you, young man?
- Suffice it to you …
- And I feel so much more!
- Spit!
- But I do not date men!
- You – a lesbian?
- No!

- Then what’s the problem?
- My problems do not concern you!
- And this is your brother? – Nodded Huntsman on stage. – Handsome!
- What do you want from me?

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- The same that Adam from Eve … love.
- And if I give – lag behind?
- When?
- Fuck you!
Luckily I had to go, but for a moment I could not help look at the scene detained. Under the climactic chords … I saw a flower – the bird, which was placed inside a beautiful male body.

It looked like a sacrifice on the altar of roses, is beckoning, seductive, defenseless and erotic … impossible.
Forgetting for a moment, where and what to do, just above the ear, I heard a whisper, Do you breathe unevenly to him, honey – is approached by a gigolo, shirtless, covered in sequins after the speech.

Well, neither do I breathe you, – turning and learn one of the most beautiful of our guys. – Phil, I’m not staring at you.
A pity, – he murmured, and disappeared in an unknown direction.
Well, everything.

Hunting season has begun, if even begun to pay attention to me. From my observation, the closer the summer, the more guys itching in one place. Even if Phil bothering me, then … go nuts, you need to stop painted wearing skirts and cardigans open.

And even then I will jump on any representatives of the male. Once upon a time, when I first started working here, the guys from the club for a year trying to seduce me with one of them to sleep, but clever Dodo showed me a great secret secret that declared secret tote: who was the first to put me in bed gets the whole pot. Sex chat video online.

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