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Sex onlain webcam chat. We often went fishing together overnight, sometimes three, and sometimes even a large company of friends. Once in July Serge looked up to me and suggested to go for a couple of days per remote lake in the woods.

I gladly accepted, as was a vacation to do what was not, and his proposal was more than ever. We quickly gathered gear, food, and in the afternoon went to the bus to go fishing. Two hours later we were already in place and finding a small timber crossed on a small island in the lake and there encamped.
It was hot and Serge offered swim naked before fishing.

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I agreed and we started undressing dive and swim. Then, enough nakupavshis we went out and gathered firewood lit a fire. The case went to the evening, we sat down and threw tackle the campfire to eat. Serge suddenly took a bottle of wine, I was surprised where he took her, we were at that time 14 years and we have never tasted wine, and do not drink, but only started to smoke.

As it turned out this wine he stole from his father and so here we decided to grow up in nature. First cup drank silently wincing at the taste of alcohol unaccustomed. On second thoughts cups have become cheerful and we started to show off who drink without wincing as an adult.
His head was easy and foggy thoughts began to soar somewhere, I swam as the wine hit in the head.

We smoked and drank wine sips, joking and laughing and at one point I suddenly noticed that we were still naked after swimming and my opinion is increasingly delayed by Serge naked body, especially below the belt .. Sex onlain webcam chat.

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