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he hit me a couple of times a whip so I screamed from the pain but it is not responded. he was not like himself. such a tender and intelegentnogo. he threw the whip and turned the vibrator I began to plead his
- No please do not. I have not experienced so I will not be pleasant.
as if he did not hear me and brought it to my virgin cunt.

I started screaming squirm but could not help it, I was tied to all Stora. and that’s an orgasm. first in my life I cry wriggle and he continues to keep all of there. I finished. though it was a pain but the first orgasm I will never forget … said about
- Well then, baby, now you’re almost a girl.

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I looked at him with eyes full of sadness whether whether joy. as kotonok who asks not to use it anymore. but then he threw all aside and lay down between my legs so that his face was straight between his legs and began to suck my clit …. oblizvat I moaned, writhing, but I only had it echto enjoy.
he stood up. again tied my eyes, I asked why it
but he did not seem to hear the question.

Soon I heard the door shut. I was lying and had no idea what will happen without understanding why he left that he was going to do. when the door creaked open and I heard the voice of the second mmuzhskoy. I could not understand who it is but why that much frightened. then I felt that someone zlaziet on the bed.

I felt it. and who then began his prisovyvat seemed to me not a small dick in my mouth as I’ve seen it in movies, I started to do so as if it very well knew how he came in my mouth I sglotnulla dvker but then closed. Sex roulette chat.

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