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- But you are guilty, I saw that you do not wear pants – apologetically told the guy.
- I can, and asked to make a hole here. What you liked what you saw.
- Yes I used only in the movies and pictures are seen here and live. Only dark and hard to see you move your feet all the time.
- Can you hold back light – Christina joked.

- And that is possible – has openly asked the guy.
- And you can still, I lift up her skirt.
The guy quickly lifted her skirt, he was seen naked pubis Christina. Christina herself confused by the tricks of the guy that was like digging, and opening his eyes wide, staring at the guy who drooled looking at naked pussy teacher. Christine suddenly came to life.

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- What do you allow yourself – Christina screamed at the guy, but for some reason did not drop her skirt in place.
Man calmly looked at Christine pubis and handed her his cell phone. Christina took the phone and looked at him, and there was a slide, which was photographed in the early Christine top, and then under the table below, where bad, but could be seen naked feet and the main pussy.

- If you give to touch these pictures no one has seen – quietly spoken man.
- And now I erased them – and began to poke the buttons.
- Do you think I copied them on any computer – continued sarcastically guy.

Christina little thought and decided that she had no other choice but to fulfill the terms of a Man.
- And you certainly will delete pictures from a computer.
- Depends on you.

- Well, then touch – and Christina turned her head to the side, the guy finger touched the labia and began to push them aside, and then said. Sex webcame online.

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