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The letter was dated a month ago. Kohl would not have believed a word he says, if the message was not to b attached photo. Looking at the quality, it was made from the desktop kopmpyutera, desktop video chat, chat and red-faced on the other hand, carefully made-up and laying on the head Xenia.

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Shows that it is well prepared to communicate on webcam. Kohl was not alarmed nashutku, but then suggested that this photoshop. How could they all correspond? Ksenia know whether to English a few words. Chris A general word of Russian. He began to consider carefully the picture and almost convinced himself that is the case – it’s Photoshop.

All in order to tease her unknown offender. Thus, Kohl almost calmed down until I remembered about a third letter. It was very short. They reported that this amerikosy then this is going to Russia specifically on a date with a beautiful Russian.

Kohl did not quite understand at first. Then read again and ohrinel. Americans should arrive today!
Kohl scored Ksjushu, she told him that literally just sat in the train and went to the village. Kohl wanted very much to believe it, but then ….
“Oh!” You received one new message.

The letter was from the Americans. In it he states that he is just on a date with a girl from the photo that she is much prettier than the photo. Sexbot chat for free.

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