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- This can not be!
- I swear!
Akbarsho watched in disbelief. Ahmed looked at them, stepped back, holding hostages at gunpoint. Even his ears twitched, as if sensed prey or devised some nasty. Said with exaggerated doubt:
- Akbarsho rights who you infidels knows. Lie to you that two fingers wet … True Akbarsho?

And here we take and check. Hey you! .. You want to live, and then take out Poimena that girl … Oh yeah, you Well fear not you manage to … Then let her in the face! Now, somehow get a bullet in the forehead.
He shrugged gate. Miguel moved to a young girl, she looked tired and submissively. His lips whispered almost inaudibly:
- Hold on …
Swung a slap to receive calls.

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He turned, looked at each other Russian and Arab, Arab hesitated, smiled triumphantly Russian and Arab said angrily:
- You hit poorly. Bay as follows, otherwise …
Miguel stare asked her petition, his arm still not hit in full force, trying to show heroic swing. Her head snapped from a blow to the side. Lower lip burst blood splattered.
He looked back at the Arab.

He frowned, looked at the Russian, an American again:
- One more time! Yes, as it should.
Miguel clasped his teeth, hit her in the head. Mary fell to the floor, not moving. Looks like he thought hastily knocked her ten minutes to twenty. And during this time these savages just to calm, and during this time they will buy …
Ahmed whispered Akbarshahu, backed toward the door.

Valentin shouted sternly:
- Where?
- Cast, Commander! My bladder is about to burst.

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