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Stranger sexchat. Over time, instead of one lace we wound on my cock and balls three and four, and often resorted to the silk linen cord. He was soft and easily slipped when tightening knots. Then someone got the idea to moisten the laces in the engine oil – avtol and I took my father out of the garage and poured into the jar.

We dipped into her shoelaces and then wrung out, wrapped in a place of interest to us and my cock tightened knot. Lace easily slipped and squeeze the body member or scrotum and we had to tie with two nodes, so they do not sprawling. It was very interesting and we are so addicted to these that take the risk and go on the field without a clock and did not know it’s time to shoot or not.

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Once Dimka so carried away that miscalculated their strength and tied it pretty hard. I even gasped and he then became constantly ask me – hurt me or not. At first I answered no, but eventually it began to bother me, and I then told him.
- Dima, if I get hurt, I’ll tell you, or give the signal. So you can tie knots and do not ask me.

Dimka kind of offended, but quickly forgot everything and began to tighten the laces and just anything I did not ask.
So we had fun the whole week until the evening for an hour or two before the arrival of the parents home, I ran into his garden, with tight drag member and scrotum. I have already begun to turn blue all, and I hastened to untie all the faster.

Dimka meanwhile followed me from behind and slightly behind. I managed to do just a few steps, when the toilet door opened and my mother came. Stranger sexchat.

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