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She came over and hugged me saying,
-Well hello my little Maxim, and you’re grown up
I was taken aback but still managed a
-Hello Aunt Vic

Unfortunately, in the dismissal of one of the parts was not released last week, one of the soldiers did not return from layoff and makes it possible for this part of the com banned them all until moments before the fugitive did not show up, so we sat in a crowded room I was sitting next to her looking into her beautiful eyes and more fascinated by her cute little face in addition she had a lovely figure and legs in which I became more and more pay attention. I have almost burned my time was already standing at attention she saw it and smiled saying
-not overextending soldiers

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I said nothing to her just looked at her hand on his knee and put this woman has just drove me crazy, so I was on duty at the company of me could not linger long ran orderly and said that I must take the outfit. I told her to wait for me at midnight podaleku not from our part of the second gate, fleeing to the company passing the outfit I could not wait to hang up.

After hanging the main thing was not to fall asleep waiting for when all were asleep and the duty on the part of companies oboel I stood quietly packed up and got out of the location, and I’m avoiding the patrol zhevybralsya for part of the cathedral close she was waiting for me, I ran through the park went on the road where there was obichine Mazal troika driven by chidela my temptress.
I sat in the car and passionately stared at her lips, I longed to she tried to push me away but she could not control myself: yet we stopped she drove down the road and drove into the forest, we continued to kiss, my hands were completely walked by her caressing her body firmer breasts walking in waist, thighs I otkinuo his seat and sat her on top, took off her dress she was in shorts and stockings Thu me crazy winds. Web on fuck free chat.

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