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Webcam sex sohbet. He was with a friend, met his name Vadim. Oleg and I had not seen for about 10 years, so it started to fall asleep each other questions. Decided somewhere to sit and remember youth.

I offered to come to visit us. Oleg and Vadim were not against my wife too. Especially we sent her son on vacation to her parents, and had the day off tomorrow. Oksana went home, and the three of us went to the store. Purchased the necessary rations – currently vodka wife bottle of red wine, fruits, etc.

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Yet went to the store, my wife managed to take a shower, change clothes (she was wearing shorts and a topic that perfectly emphasized her figure), roast potatoes, make a salad. In general, to our parish was already almost done. Sat at the table, drank a meeting for army friends.

Basically we talked with Oleg, Oksana and Vadim streaming, then the wife is a little tired, and she offered Vadim little dance. Oleg and shuttled between the bathroom and a balcony. After a while we ended alcohol already pretty drunk, but decided to continue. Vadim volunteered to go to the store and continued our feast.

Army theme over and we began to reminisce about how walking on the arrival of the army, about mutual acquaintances. When they came to his personal life, Oleg bit isolated, but then told that the divorced wife. He added that all women are used … and they have only one thing on his mind. I disagreed. For some time we stopped talking, then he suddenly asked:
- Your do not change?

The question was unexpected and I was taken aback. Webcam sex sohbet.

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