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- Serge, pull out or leave.

- Solve itself – I said, giving her a choice.
- Well, Serge, leave or pull out, speak soon, and that he had almost crawled – she said in an agitated voice.
At this time someone sat on her shoulder and she became a free hand to wave away flies toli toli from Pautov.

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Catching Pautov, she held his two fingers and looked at me and then looked at my cock and worm, which almost crawled, only about an inch sticking out, she put my cock and decided to grab it. Though penis was excited and stick out like a number, but when Lena dropped, he lay on the ground head to me.

Throwing Pautov again and grasping for a member, Lena was the second hand to cling tip earthworm, but it was too late. Worm completely disappeared inside the urethra. Lena looked at me with a guilty look.
- Sorry, did not have time. Yes, and you are to blame. Solve itself, solve itself. It’s your dick – trying to justify himself, she grumbled in a low voice.

I lay not so worried as enjoyed wiggling worm inside my penis. He moved deeper and deeper and I felt it already somewhere inside where my dick out of my pelvis. It was so unusual and feel the difference of its temperature, and my – even some lukewarm pierced my dick nice and it tickled inside. Another ten minutes, I enjoyed his stir, until they did not stop soon.

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