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He spread his hands guilty smile showed on captured that sat quiet as mice at gunpoint.
Valentin dropped sharply:
- Fool! You embarrassed us?

Ahmed looked at Akbarshaha reason, have eyes on the prisoners:
- There are three women …
- Is it a woman? – Valentin amazed. – This is a whore. Is there a man? There cowardly bastards. Mochis here … But not in the corner, and right on the Americans. Come on out, the noble hurt. Come on, do not be shy!
Ahmed hesitated.

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Valentin bared his teeth, not afraid of any intrepid Ahmed, an American tsapnet teeth. Ahmed looked at again Akbarshaha suddenly said evil:
- Yes Satan with you!
He came to American, rose to Valentine and Akbarshahu back, legs spread. Was heard creaking unzips.

Then he poured a powerful jet, clearly Ahmed endured long, and now bubbling over with small drops in all directions, a powerful jet arc American hit in the head, sprayed, fell on the shoulders, back on his head. American slightly bent, fearing the wrath of the Arab, his hair matted, wet shirt.
American sat next to a young American.

It is with fear and hatred looked at the Arab, trying not to fall look on his pants unbuttoned. Amused, he and the remnants of jet natuzhilsya got it. Yellow drops fell on her white blouse, there just blurred dark disgusting stains.
Could be heard Ahmed pulls back snake, did it slowly, without the embarrassment with impudent looseness, turned his back and slowly returned to Valentine.

- You’re right, the commander – he said with cold contempt. – I peed them straight in the face, and they … Adult chat no sign up.

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