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- OK, go to the smoking room and covered, I now go up to you and went to the shop at the end of exit gates. I ran ran between the machines in the recreation area. There lay an old jacket and I covered her, sat in the farthest corner, so I do not have to be seen.

Five minutes later came Anna Ivanovna and summoned Stepanych told us. Of course, this news was a shock for me. Monday Ivan Stepanovich already will not work – it tomorrow and leave the village, there he house he rented in hiring and that he was free. Of course the house unattended in the village can quickly pull apart – I thought.

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Here Anna Ivanovna asked me.
- Sergey, and you would not want to earn a little bit? I would suggest you clean the shop instead Stepanych part-time.

You think 3000 will come in handy.
I looked at Stepanych and Anna Ivanovna did not know what to say. Pause long.
- What are silent, still hangs out in the shop, and at the same time you have gathered here and earn – again asked the master.

The fact that I was hanging out in the shop, only knew ?. Maybe he offered me in my place – I tried to understand, but my silence again caused a number of questions from Anna Ivanovna.
- Well. Let’s agree and I promise you that I will forgive trick today – looked at me and said Anna Ivanovna.
There was no way I was happy of course, that I need the extra money and nodded.

An expert gave me a look and said that I went to her tomorrow and write a statement. Then she told Ivan Stepanovich explain to me all my work and got up from the table, looked at me and grinned, warned B line webcams.

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