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-Yasnenko …
She washed the foam with my prettier ass.
-Want to feel fully whore?
-And how do you make it?
Anya and gently twisted shower hose shoved into me and opened the warm water.
-Wait, I’ll come right now.

And she was gone.
In my gut poured lukewarm water lapped and bottled inside me was the heat. 2 minutes later I had swollen belly and I looked like a pregnant woman. Then returned Anka, turned off the water and pulled the hose. Benefit toilet was next. I got out of the bath, shaking his swollen belly.

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Creepy like to shit. As soon as I sat down, water poured out of me and began to throw out pieces of shit. This is the most unpleasant part of the procedure. I used to do yourself an enema, but not so deep. Only now I noticed that Anna has brought a set of black underwear.
-Na-ka examples.
As I sat on the toilet, pulled her bra size first, and she helped me to fasten it to the back.

Then she pulled the strap moved and critically looked.
-Lesh, and you go! Leaf I have small boobs you certainly do not, so you do not care. I give it to you.
I got up from the toilet, once again flooded water into the rectum, this time smaller and poured into the bowl.

Now I ran out of clean water. I looked at myself in the mirror. Damn, how cool it looked to me that the bra cups with hard tissue and pleasant! Wiping point, I put on the panties and black.

Rear polosochka tissue between the buttocks and sank out of sight. Cock stood like a stake and much stuck. Cam sex chat games.

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