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I stood still a little, wondering what to do to go in this form or refuse. Suddenly entered the bedroom Hans, he said something in German, looking at me, I instinctively covered her breasts and bottom hands panties, Hans grabbed me by the arm and led her into the hall by force.

Sitting on a chair and looked at Sergei TV that stood in the corner to it was through a cable podtseplen camera. Hans was on the screen and a young girl who was standing on the street in her hands she held the edge of her skirt her panties were pulled down to her knees, and Hans inserted between her legs her fingers, causing the girl moaned.

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Hans said something and he became Sergei translate, looking at the screen.
- You see, he was engaged to carry out the experiment as girls sex in different countries, here it is, for example, from Sweden, and still there from Italy, Hungary, Poland and England. So he wanted to offer you apply this experiment on you.

You agree to take part in it.
At this time, the screen is full girl sucking dick Hans, while her pussy fingered hand.
- And if I refuse – Christine asked.
- Well, then the door is open.

But bear in mind that he pay $ 1,000 and leave you all this underwear.
I thought about it and decided that $ 1,000 would be no superfluous, and what I wanted to lose fuck yes.
- Okay, I agree.
- Then before questions just answer honestly. If you will not answer honestly, they will stop. Agree.
- Yes.

Hans took out another camera bag and tripod and set the camera on a tripod. Camsexdate chat.

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