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Free adult skype chat. Suddenly I saw my wife, she was one of the workers in the bath. Should tell my wife: 87cm tall blonde meter., Pretty face, chest third dimension, a flat tummy, firm buttocks and long legs, all the guys turned her head as she walked, and drooled, her name was Alina.

So they went inside, I crept to the baths in a paid, climbed the stairs to the roof was a hole in the floor (roof still not completed) so I’ve seen that happen inside, but I can not see at all. They stood near a small pool, and a work that showed it, and then they went into the steam room, I went longer, and I started to hear their conversation.

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- Ms.’s steam room here you lie naked and sweating – said and pointed to the Tajik couch – lie down, try some good board.
- A shower is already running, – Alina asked Tajiks – I’d like to wash and sleep in the house, and leave tomorrow morning.
- Yes of course already working – zatorotiril worker, and walked toward the shower stall.

- Well, thank you, and it is stuffy in the street, and the city turned off the water again – glad voice said Alina – can go, I’ll let you know and pomoyus.
Work went out and closed the door, Alina included water in the shower and began to undress, she took a light tee shirt, then a white bra, breasts looked just gorgeous, and then a mini-skirt and little white thong and threw it all on the bench, went into the shower and closed the door of the shower . Shower door was clear glass, but rasplyvchegogo performance was only seen Alina silhouette and drops of water falling on the glass. Free adult skype chat.

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