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Funny old man ran past, Professor … probably she thought .. , he was in a suit, and covered his head folder, where he turned away and disappeared around the corner.

On the other side of the road stood a couple in love, he is holding his jacket over their heads trying to hide her from the rain, sometimes kissing her on the lips and gently hugging.
Despite all this she was like that … but lonely mug was empty, and she had to go back to an empty apartment, she lived alone, only her friend Barisk gray cat, delight in the cold autumn evening.

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She called the waiter and asked for the bill. To a young man approached her with a deep penetrating smile. He asked:
-Another book that you will?
-No, bring me the bill please!

The young man went away, and after a few minutes she brought the bill. It paid off took an umbrella and hurried to the door. Coming out of the cafe and trying to open the umbrella ran into a man, … it simply did not notice it or her she thought for a moment.

And unashamedly looking up saw before him a man of 30 years, for a moment it seemed to her that they are already familiar, familiar for many years. He was dressed in a sports jacket, faded jeans, and sneakers. Why it seemed that it was not a lot of funny, and she smiled.

-excuse me, he said, I did not see you ..
-okay, I do not see you, I have broken umbrella, and I could not open it, and did not see how you go.
The young man smiled, his eyes too gentle smile was visible. Free girls sex chat online.

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