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Free lesbian mobile chat. It described my main and almost daily adventures, but do not always like that, as a person really wants and you have to choose. One page of my life I missed, and I want to tell you about this episode separately.
When we in the village all began to fall apart and worked after school at MTM few years, I was out of work.

Then I came across a newspaper and a very interesting announcement – “It takes students into the machine shop” on one plant. I thought, and went to the area. I gladly accepted, read entry in the fact that I’m already familiar with the technology and have experience.

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Getting a job, I came into the shop. Master, Anna Ivanovna, a woman 35 years old, all I explain and demonstrate workplace and my mentor. Thus began my working life in a factory.
Two months later I got a bit and began to work independently. Everything seems to be nothing but skill and skill I was little and I did not have time to perform shift targets.

Once in one of those days when I could not perform again daily norm, I stayed after work for a couple of hours. I was not distracted, and soon it was all over. Removing machine, I went to wash in the shower. Iron, grease and other dirt left stains on clothing and soaked her body.

Even though I was accustomed to it, and I liked the village smear yourself with different mucks here was quite different – they could tell me more, because I was not alone, and I did not have a separate shower. So every week I had to wash and change the shirt to be clean. Free lesbian mobile chat.

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