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Marina younger than me by two years, although it was much communication smarter than their peers.

All our communication with it is only in the census agents. After she read my stories, she said that I run up its provocations and that I did not run my long, constantly provoking everyone and everything. I said that I was practically impossible to calculate, and that was the beginning of the story.

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- Mm-m .. Are you brave boy! Are not you afraid that sooner or later everyone will know you and dad kick ass?
- Haha!

Do not know. I Great Incognito Clean Breath. I’m too good cipher, trust, and most importantly follow the rules to ensure the safety of me.
- And the fact that I have your photo where you’re naked? M?
- Well, they’re without a face! Hah!
- Mm-m .. You sound provoke you to calculate. Okay, I do not need it, believe me! But you, I realized love ostrenkie feeling!
- Love it!

- I would like to play a game?
- What?
- Interesting! Type Fort Boyard.
- Really? And what’s the point?
- Search of new adventures and thrills.
- What you need to do?

- Finding clues to pass the job, etc.
- What kind of nonsense?
- Try it. It is not difficult and a thrill.
- All right. What should I do?

- The first task will be to lay under a semicircular bench near the monument Chebyshev behind the Main Building of Moscow State University.
The same beautiful summer afternoon I went to the main building of the University and its quite difficult to find a little note in which it was written: “Kakhovka Street, Building 17, 3rd entrance, 4th floor. Free online gay web chat.

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