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- You get dressed and come with me to the city on business – Alina Ali addressed.

- Why.
- Do not ask stupid questions. Go to the city and in the evening come.

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- Okay, how to dress.
- As the restaurant.
Alina climbed into the bedroom wearing black lace panties black fishnet stockings and a black dress with a plunging neckline and a slit on the side, studs.

Came down and went to Ali. Alla was sitting in the living room and watched telly. By evening, honey agaric all workers came to dinner, Alla set the table, Tajiks sat down and began to eat and drink. Alla was short robe and slippers. Alla ran around the table, a plate of food trays, empty relates to the kitchen.
- Well, okay sit down with us and drink champagne – said Ravshan Allais.

Alla obediently sat down at the table next to Ravshan, it poured a full glass of champagne, and she drank, wrinkling her nose at the bubbles. Everyone sat at the table and drank. By Allais was obvious that she was intoxicated, Ravshan champagne topped up all the time and forced her to drink until the end of Alla.

Her tongue began to totter, and it was to sway.
- Today you’ll be one to please the whole crowd – said Ravshan – so Vaseline smazh their holes and wait for us in bed.
Alla staggered to his room and pulled out a jar of cream pussy began to lubricate the entrance and in the ass. In room after three Tajik logged. Alla turned her head and looked at them.

They began to remove his clothes. Alla untied the belt and took off his robe to the floor and sat down on his knees taking a cock in her mouth one Tajik, and the other two hands wanker. Free sex chat for lesbian.

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