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I took his hand away from her pussy.

She smiled lazily as it became the viewing room toilet as whether she saw him for the first time and with difficulty ASIC where it is. Then she smiled gently and pulling me to him, hugging started kissing in the face, all without understanding lips nose, cheeks. At the same time, something murmured. I hugged her and stroked her back.
- Need to go, and then we will start looking.

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I said. It is not as readily took her hands and bowed her head. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. Removed his penis, which was more resilient, but placed in the pants. On the sleeve of his jacket was a big wet spot on her Squirt.

Do not worry, it dries. I washed and went to the door. Marina quickened me. As silently stood up and went to the mirror. What happened to the Marina I have not seen. I went outside and lit a cigarette. I was approached by Sergei (Marina husband) and asked worriedly
- You have not seen my wife?

- It is probably in a secret room.
I smiled.
- And this is where?
- It is called in the common toilet.
He skralsya. I finished his cigarette and went to the table. There was already sitting Marina, drinking champagne, she looks around her room and playful look that is podpivala. An hour later we had met again in the secret room.

I’ll tell it next time)))
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