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Gay random web cam. And so, leaving a drinking chain of restaurant doors, Vladimir did not notice that, inadvertently came to a local gentleman on foot and not for sensing a fault, went further in a buoyant mood.
- Dad, and would not want you to apologize – slapping him on the shoulder, asked skinhead Siberian.

- Excuse me, but for what? – Vladimir asked incredulously.
- For his clumsy sandals – said menacingly bald, and seizing a drunken firefighter for breast, pulled her to him. In the incident intervened Nicholas, the second fire, trying to resolve the situation peacefully. The girls turned to bald: – Globus, do not bother to our gentlemen, Dad did not want to hurt you.

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He understood everything, and now apologize! .
- Yes you get off of me, hemisphere , – said Vladimir, alienating the bald guy. Nicholas began to separate the fighters, as one youngster from the environment Globe strongly kicked him in the crotch. Nicholas doubled over in pain and fell. Fight broke out between a group of youths and Vladimir.

There were shouts of passers-by to stop calling brawl. Some of the restaurant staff informed the police. Fledglings smartly fled in different directions, and Vladimir and Nicholas were taken to the territorial police department.

Having dealt with the detainees and to learn that they are almost colleague was released to the world on all four sides, promising to continue to help in any situation.
The next morning, Nicholas writhing in incredible pain in the perineum.

The left testicle was swollen to the size of a large tomato, and it was blue-yellow-purple color, and the right was normal size, only dazzled rainbow spectrum. Gay random web cam.

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