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He had long been looking for a reason and an opportunity to check whether he did not seem all the time before the explosion. Burned woman lying on her back, staring at the ceiling, occasionally uttering a barely audible groan, and all the while breathing noisily through not moving lips.
He came very close.

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Not knowing what to think at this point, ran his hands over the sheets, which was covered with her burnt flesh.
Spent more time concentrating.
And again.
To no avail.
Apparently, really, just seemed. Palm turned and looked at them. The last time sent a hand on a woman.

And this time felt a tingling in his hands. And the same soft white light … Introducing healthy skin in mind, he held his hands over and over again over the woman’s body until he heard women’s voices right at the entrance to the ward. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked out, barely holding back the feeling of something unreal and delight at the same time.

Later, he saw a television news itself, nodding his head to the words of condolence airline management. And then I saw a story on the woman, the remaining one-handed. She really, according to doctors in the last couple of days was rapidly restored. Unusually fast.

Who was in a state in which would have to be about three weeks to four. And all thanks to the professionalism of doctors burn unit – summed correspondent. Indian live gay video chats.

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