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- All right. Dolores, you then stand there and I’ll get the mop, ok?
- Okay, sister replied
- While Adela poking around in the pantry, I shoved Dolores inside and closed the door on the latch, so we were way, locked in a closet)
- What’s going on?

Adela asked in surprise, turning to face me
- You are in my power, and while I have not played enough with you, I will not let you, you understand
- How dare you
Adele angry, and with these words, rushed toward me with his fists
- To fuck
Flew in my head, right now, she told me all the bones will break

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Bam, hit me in the jaw hit purely, then clear hook to the liver, I’m a little bent
- What a bitch, well, beware
Taking a Taser, I put it to his leg bullies, and pressed the button, it fell to one knee, hold on to it, at this time Dolores, stood trembling fingers covering her mouth in horror

Squint one eye pain and holding his left hand in his side, I once again hit her shock to the chest, and she fell to the floor, twitching convulsively
- Oh, you bitch
I got angry and hit her toe feet from the skull, it’s a bit lost in space
- And while resting your sister, I’ll get you

Taking a knife that was on the shelf, I cut clothes, and threw it on was lying on the floor Adela
- Your sister has angered me cool and well alive on his knees scum
- No, please do not, I’m scared
- Well, blame yourself
Kneeing on the tummy, she sat on her knees
- Vividly suck, bitch, while I’m not ugondoshil
Realizing that I’m not kidding, she slowly began to suck my dick
- Hurry Come on, work Lesbian chatrooms guest.

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