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“Where to?” – I asked.
“Look” – one voice they replied.
We came out of the house. “Thank God that night” – I thought. Not much was being caught in the midst of hunting camps in the girls’ clothes and no panties. We went into the garden and came to a small clearing with benches.
“We’ll call you Katya” – suddenly broke the silence Slavik.

“Yes, call me whatever you want, just go to sleep.” – I replied.
“Yes, go soon.” – Sasha said.
They sat on a bench. “Go out into the middle of the field and dance, flutters like a butterfly” – said Slavik. I started to jump into the center of the clearing, giving the appearance of dance.

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My skirt was rising up, exposing my ass and dick, which was bouncing with every jump in m act of my movements.
“Come here” – he called me Slavik. I approached.
“Now we want to have fun.” – He continued – “Fetch our members and their jerk.”
“No. so we did not agree” – I snapped.
“You lose, you and fulfill all of our orders” – Sasha said. – “Tomorrow and I can not lose.”

I looked around. It was a quiet night, and not a soul was around. “And was not” – I thought. – “Tomorrow I will repay them.”
I squatted between Sasha’s legs and undid the belt on his shorts. Gently lowered down a snake on his fly and pulled the shorts down.

Sasha immediately freed his feet from them. I looked at the mound under his shorts.
His cock lay down smoothly. Slavik has pulled himself shorts with shorts and sat podrachivaya his penis. Meanwhile, I pulled Sasha briefs down and took his penis.

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