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Bathroom was very large: in the corner stood a large bath, wash basin next above him was a large mirror and a couple of shelves for small items.

Alyosha stood near the basin hearing as I go, turned around, what is he cute, tousled hair, sleepy eyes, and even with a brush in his mouth. Rate my outfit and smiled. Clothes he was wearing only tight boxers, broad shoulders and bare torso and excited naveival different thoughts. He moved, I took the brush and paste, and began to brush your teeth.

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Heart again started to beat his frantic pace, breathing became frequent, pulse off scale. But Alex was calm and unruffled, finishing the procedure with his teeth, he washed his face and came out. Putting the brush in a glass and thoroughly rinsing the mouth, looked in the mirror, like any human, but that’s just to make up before going out would not hurt.

Mood as it suddenly rose, and drowsiness vanished, I went into the kitchen, on the table were already 2 cups of coffee and a plate of sandwiches. – Where you are now asked Alyosha on the go munching your sandwich with sausage.
-From the beginning of the institute and then to the market, why? I immediately caught.

- Just now I have to drive to friends, we could throw you to the institute, only have to hurry.
-Who would have said amiably I snapped, and the truth he stood still in his shorts.
-And I do not need to be painted wiggle resourceful Alyosha and happily went to get dressed.

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