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Then I was sure yet nothing will happen, because it’s too early.
When we went to her apartment, we started joking and went to smoke. We drank tea and Lily went for a walk, leaving us alone. We lay on the bed in a small and cozy room. Once talked about something abstracted, then started kissing and he said that what is hot and what I need to remove the jacket.

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I took off because it was really hot out. He asked, “can play in a chi-Stock (such game) on the strip?”-I knew that crazy idea, but finally agreed.
I partition it so to his underpants, and she remained in a vest and shorts, we went back to smoke.

Then we came back into the room and began to undress me on, I said that I hesitate and he offered her a drink of whiskey and Coke to relax. We went drank (I drank half of it and my glasses). I was immediately struck in the head and I’m not ashamed.

We started kissing another doorstep room, then lay on the bed on ceasing to fondle each other. I felt that I had already pretty much excited, and his dick was already stake.
He pulled off my shirt and threw it far away. I hid a blanket and took briefs. He began to cover my body with kisses, I could no longer wait.

I sat on him, took the cock in his hands and tried to insert it in myself, I felt the pain of that cock was thick, then a sharp jolt and I felt good. In fact, I can not exactly describe their feelings. It’s just indescribable. Then we lay there for about 15 minutes and then the doorbell!

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