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Well …
You know what I always dreamed of since childhood?

How beautiful you are, in a white dress with flowers entrance to the church, and I … no, do not stand near the priest, I’m taking you to the altar. As a father, a brother, a friend, … and I give you into the hands of your chosen one.
You’re lying.
No, I never saw myself in the role of your chosen one.

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Sorry …
Now, brother, do not hesitate to me at any convenient moment came to her boyfriend to peck him on the cheek or neck. I was surprised his choice: he was not a handsome man.
I was wondering how they calculate the killer.

Cops interviewed all who can take prints all who can, interviewed all twenty times. But nothing has been said, the murderer, who is suspected.
A month passed, I lived with Theo, he – I. His parents took us to the room, I was hung caretaker of flowers in front of the house and the cat.

Also I had after dinner to tell how the day went to his grandmother that was who said that. In a bad place you work, the girl – she shook her head.
I did not choose – I sighed.
Twins at Surf tried as best they could probably work in a pizzeria they liked. However, money is brought very little. Rather did not bring anything, they’ve taken up the twins his salary even before receiving it.

Even my mother got a job looking after a neighbor’s baby, but it could not help us earn money to pay the fine.
Our new mistress heavily slashed fee for an intimate evening, so guys now sometimes even refused to go into the hall, as were so izmochaleny previous client of that they could not give regular entertainment. No registration cam chats.

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