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On the road Lera clung to him tightly and continuously chirped. But there were already autumn dusk and nobody paid any attention to them. Before a session, they sat in a cafe. Lera laughing at Sasha, calling it expensive or cute. Needless to say that in the hall of their hands were busy. He caressed her pussy, with his skirt, and she unbuttoned his pants, his cock.

At the time Lera did not dare take his cock in her mouth. Although this thought flashed her.
But he returned, they immediately found themselves in bed, having just remove outer clothing.

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Excitement burst out of their control …
Lera once called Sasha and said that will call to work for him, as Inga check performed regular homework (it was charming mini thong and stockings on the belt). She really came through 40 minutes into his office, asked to close the door with a key, came close to him …
After 15 minutes, she had flown away on, leaving a devastated Sasha’s office.

During this time, she gave him a magnificent blowjob and licked his cock dry afterwards.
In preparation for the next meeting with Sasha Leroy went to sex shops and bought panties and thongs attachment to it. Before meeting Lera tried and winged all new toys for themselves.

At the beginning of the next meeting everything was as usual, shower, selection of underwear, stockings, stiletto sandals, dressing, makeup for Inga, candles on the table, a glass of wine …
Lera then put on her new toy. They began to kiss, very hot, yet gently.

Sasha kissing her neck when she said very quietly: Omegle live chat.

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