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Again wool covers us, but not for long. We now one system, one mechanism treats consisting of two parts. And this pleasure is only possible when the joint coordinated work.

Without opening his eyes, Zhenya lifts up his feet, clutching his knees to his sides. Words are not needed, everything is clear. I do not need to invite. Another second, and just rested bolt slowly sinking into the guy. Kaif bore down with a bang, and I like crazy, play and play hot lump of flesh, curled up under me.

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Explosion, my sob, to have survived from that side – and the spark in his eyes. Here are the final chords of my frenzied dance.
- Will you be? – I asked Zhenya in a few minutes, stroking fingertips light fuzz on his chest.
- At other times, I feel good.

I again bows lips head guy. Only now is not deep. I first, and then he is taken to the trunk.

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