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Random adult video chat room. Then we poured a glass of brandy and went naked to smoke on the balcony. Rimma hugged me and whispered thank you for the best birthday of her life.
Part 1.

Christine after our wedding told their cases occurred in the institute years. Story with her words. She was in the fourth year, they experience exchange flew three teachers and three students from Germany.

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Since Christina was the main event for all sorts, then put it to the Germans as a guide. She found them a hotel and had to show our city attractions. At that time I was on a business trip for a month left for the north on building equipment.

We rented a one-bedroom apartment Christine, so she stayed one and a month without sex.
Everything went as usual tours of the city of course, three students did not participate in walks around the city, and got acquainted with the girls from the institute and with them time.

And Christina everywhere accompanied the Germans, of course, they gave him an interpreter, called Sergey Vadimych – about forty sightly, wearing glasses. Germans, too, was somewhere around forty-five and fifty. That’s already been two days of stay of foreigners in our city, Christina noticed that they had a strange way it pogladyvayut.

That evening they again went for a walk around the city, then sat in restaurants and not much talked about something about her in German, with an interpreter, they spoke English, German, he did not understand. Then two foreigners went to the toilet and sit at the table were a German translator and Cristina. Random adult video chat room.

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