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Forgive me, Father, flashed through my mind. Forgive me, Mom … But I must.

In all our family nobody disgraced himself by cowardice or unkind act. I have eighteen brothers and twenty-two sisters and three brothers in the ranks of the fedayeen, but none received even a scratch … And in the noble birth will say that children do not have disgraced Sheikh Ismail ancient family: his younger son had died for a cause of Allah …

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Through human hubbub he heard their elder told everyone loud and clear:
- Hold him at gunpoint! This moron can try to jump into the gap between the cars!
- Fails, there is blocked, – replied confident voice.
- Anyway, better stop before!

- Do it, Captain!
- Hold at gunpoint!
When Akbarsho was already three steps, cars began to rise due to head helmets, shields closed transparent entities. On these people was hung so that they looked huge lizards, armored shields harbor from head to toe, even those not visible. Each gun in his hands, looking into the black muzzle Akbarshaha.

He saw dozens of these blew in three steps, and he knew that a few hundred accompany his every move, looking from the rooftops.
Their eldest, a man with a square face severe such steep and look like women, said sharply:
- Face on the car! Open your legs! .. And do not try to even breathe!

Akbarsho turned obediently to the nearest car, legs apart, bent his head and rested his hands on the cold metal surface. Squinting, saw to it darted several people. By body ran hot wave, ozhgla, he felt a mad delight incomprehensible happiness, not mere mortals, had time to think, that is a message from Allah himself, his fingers lightning seized the lace on the chest.

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