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-Katya, go to my office. – Chef client accepted the offer.
-Yes, Andrew Albertovich something? – My voice is a little drozhzhal.
-Come please me.
I walked over, legs walked confidently, but his heart was pounding.

-You’re so sexy today, mm? – Chef winked at me. Only stupid girl could not understand this hint.
Chef unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a little arousal. He was large and sinewy. I knelt down, took it into his mouth and began to slowly suck.

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Client closed the door, and also began to unbutton his pants.
I first played with the head of the tongue and cock was hardening and chief moan. He put his hand on my hair. After I swallowed half a penis in his mouth, and began to move slowly, then faster and faster.

-Oh, yes, yes Kate, still, oh yeah …. – chef burned with pleasure.
I swallowed the whole dick and began to move quickly. Jet hit my throat, and captivated the whole mouth sperm. But I continued, still accelerating pace.

Meanwhile, customer also decided to act: and he drove his unit into my pussy. I moaned softly. I hope he managed to pull prezik.
Client moved quickly, and I began to violently put an end to a member of the chief’s mouth.
-Yeah, oh yeah ……. daaaaaa-moan escaped my lips and mouth client.
Now chef threw everything off the table, lay down on it, and I sat on his cock booty.

My anus a little sick, but I still decided to act. Meanwhile, the client put his cock in my pussy, and I felt a double penetration.
-yes, yes, oh, yes, more, oh yeah. yes, faster ….

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