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Video chat room for exhibitionists. She got off me and said only:
- Well, you give, my son!
I was unable to utter anything from happiness. Instead, I took out his flask and silently drank off half. Became quite well – head swam somewhere, eyes closed and I relaxed. The mother said to my regret:
- All good little. I have a surprise for you, just wait until the evening.
- Mom, are you serious?

And I wanted a couple more times later.
- Trust me, I’d better not. Save it forces the evening. Now offer more vebat hundred grams and cuts a couple of hours.
- Well we just got up, Mom – I continued to moan.
- Well, it’s your business.

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Just to fuck me till evening not give.
- Okay, okay, Mom – pour., I replied anticipating evening eblyu and booze.
Instead, the mother brought two 100grammovye chekushku, drank his volley, I limited myself to half. After drinking, we went to bed without even having washed-
- Hey, whore, get up let’s fuck! Yes livelier!

We are waiting for a long time, I heard a voice in a dream Mamkin.
I felt like she pushes me spryskivaya water. Something like waking up, I asked what was wrong and was told that if today I want to spend a fun time, time to pack I’ve got five minutes.

We go to Lyudkov there Volodya came with his wife and daughter (I forgot to write, but I also had a guy who lived at that time in three hundred kilometers away) I instantly sobered up, washed, and even wanted to wear something ponaryadnee (me Oksana always liked – Dyadkin daughter and my cousin) but the mother said:
- Nothing to lose time! Video chat room for exhibitionists.

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