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Large head was completely closed foreskin, but the skin was evident that a very large head. Around the trunk were large vein and that made it very attractive.

I really wanted to take it in hand and touch, bare head .. I do not know why but I suddenly became excited watching him bolt and surprised himself .. It was like something unnatural and disturb me, but I was already drunk and thought I liked these. Serge seem also noticed where I look and how it mysteriously smiled thinking about something and its pouring me wine.

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About fishing, we have completely forgotten and drank wine before the end. I wanted to stand up and staggered down Serge. It is terribly amused, I lay next to him and did not know what was happening to me.
Swam before his eyes, legs would not obey, buzzing in the ears .. It was dark and I was lying like this in the semi-oblivion at the feet of Serge and hovered somewhere in the clouds.

Serge was also almost in the same condition, because we had a drink with him a bottle of 0.7 for two and as it turned out for us it was a lot. Serge pulled my naughty body closer to him on a blanket, put it under his head on my backpack and myself tossing wood on the fire lay down next to me hugged me back a little hand. It was damp and we were both naked after swimming and I was shivering.

I began to tremble, and Serge realized that I’m cold silence clung to me all over and I felt my ass on his hot, thick cock. Webcam chat free random ukrayna.

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