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Reaching glasses of brandy and Givi themselves and Lena gave a glass of brandy, with sperm all selected Lena.
- To the bottom – their drinking glasses with cognac looked at Lena – Bottoms up.

Lena took a glass and began to drink, thick liquid fell into my wife’s throat, she wrinkled her nose and closed her eyes.
-Well, like swipes from ass bitch – Arthur said, and laughed.
Lena only nodded. It was dark outside, all went to bed. Lena went to the bathroom to wash, Arthur went with her. They returned after twenty minutes.

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- Well, that’s enough for today proteins nipples, – said Arthur.
- Yes a lot today I swallowed semen – Lena answered – Okay, let’s go to bed too late.
- Well, you’ll just sleep with this banana in the ass, I realized the nipple – began rising from one banana, which was the morning of the pope – put my asshole.

Lena turned back to Arthur, lifted the hem of her gown on her back and spread her ass with both hands to the side. Arthur put a banana in the anus to the end wall of the anus tightly clasped banana, and he disappeared into the inside of the priests, leaving only a stub of a banana. And all went to bed.

That ended and the second day of our stay. And it seems like my little wife was staying.
Rising in the morning, I saw that my wife is sitting on the bottom shelf in front of our traveling companions sit and sweet talk, as if yesterday was not what was not.

- Oh darling you’re already awake, – Lena said when she saw me – Go, wash, at breakfast and we prepared to leave, soon our station. Animal sex chat rooms.

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