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In the open door of the apartment first came Vladimir Heinze in a white suit, purple shirt and white tie with a bouquet of yellow roses, came after his mother in a red dress and the last pope in a black suit and white shirt with a large bouquet of white roses in one hand and a huge package in other.

- Hello Gentlemen, – with a slight accent greeted Volodya parents household. And his dad gave her bouquet to the hostess and host package.
- These gifts to you, as a sign of respect – he said.
- Hello Margarita Ivanovna, and Mikhail Ksyushenka – Volodya said quietly, giving her flowers.
- Henry Heinz.
- Mikhail Mironov.

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Shook hands with fathers.
- March Heinze.
- Margarita Mironov.
Shook hands with his mother.

- And this is our Xenia – said Margarita Ivanovna.
- And this is our Vladimir, – said Martha Heinze.
- Come into the hall dear guests – said Mikhail.

Vladimir immediately speech: – Mikhail Margarita Ivanovna and I ask your daughter’s hand, and I want her to be my wife. If Ksenia agree? .
- We on the other zyate never dreamed of – welcome parents Ksyushi said.
- I agree – said Ksenia and rushed into the arms of Vladimir.

- We stayed flat in Tula and the machine 21th Volga , we need away for two or three days to solve the problem of selling a property. All documents are ready, waiting for buyers, and the bride and groom can do while preparing for the wedding – the Pope said Volodya.
- Well, now we mention this event, and tomorrow morning and start their business to do – my father said Ksyushi hitting his hands.

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