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- Go back and wash the floor will lick tongue. Once returned Anya Nastya C. ordered her to get on all fours and lick the floor. When Nastia began to lick it Anja S. Beal her ass so alive by licking.

Then at Nastya hanged clothespins on breasts and pussy tied up and left overnight.
Vick 80 points
Anya With 41 Ball
Tanya 29 credits
Anya D 27 points
Day Nine

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On the ninth day the girls got such assessments
Vic 4
With Anya 2
Tanya 4
Anya D 2
Girls outfits
Vika – up to 3 cm heel, melting, transparent bra, topic, short skirt
Tanya – up to 3 cm heel, micro, lacy bra dress with long sleeves
Anya – heel up to 3 cm, no panties, tight bra, short-sleeved blouse, short skirt

Anya D – heel up to 3 cm, no panties, no bra, short dress
After high school girls with Sergei went to the pool. There they were given a white swimwear consisting of lifchikka and panties.

After bathing Anya Anya C and D was forced to remove a side striped panties that covered pussy and sit on the bare chest and falomimitatory. Once they got their hands on a given zazhennuyu candle and told to jump out on a limb and at the same time to drip wax on his chest. They began to jump and drip.

After some time, Sergei says that Tanya between the legs appeared wet spot
- What Tan excited?
- How do you take?
- Look between your legs
- Oh my God ….

- Want to join?
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