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Then the man force parted them to the side and saw the entrance to her virgin cunt, felt its seductive aroma.

This was the last straw, Sergei more detested. He was one jerk pulled off his pants and underwear and, ignoring the pleas for mercy Zhenya, climbed between her legs and leaned forward. His cock gently at first entered the girl because she was wet because of their own caresses, but then he came on the hymen graduate.

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Sergei made a strong push, and this barrier has been overcome. Eugene screamed in pain, her eyes filled with tears, and emerged from the vagina a few drops of blood. However, the man did not pay attention to it all, and continued to stick it to himself, still speeding up the pace. Zhenya jerked in time with his movements and no longer tried to resist or to ask for mercy.

Here Sergei remembered what he wanted at the first meeting with this, while still a schoolgirl, and stopped. He turned the girl and said that she got on all fours. Eugene did not know what he wants from her and did not want to know, but it was pointless to refuse: a man still get away from it all that it needs. And graduate obeyed.

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