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Free gay teen cam chat. We walked in a distant forest and so around our village. And after the 15th began mowing.

My fathers and Dimkin mowed hay on the field and in the woods, and we had to shovel all obkosit and corners where no one could call in a tractor with mower.
Early in the morning we took a scythe, rake and fork and went to the mowing. Water and there is something else that brought father and hid in the dugout, in which we sometimes stayed overnight.

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For two days we mowed all that was possible, and returned home. Parents were at work and checked on us and then suddenly me and says Dima.
- And you would be able to go on mowing naked – naked?
- What could – I said, though had no idea how to do it. So far I have not left the house naked, and if it was on the road, almost seven kilometers.

Of course, for us at that age it was a trifle – and more per day nabegivali.
We knew that for us no one will come in the evening and cooked food for three days and warned parents. They do not even have objected, because I was 15 years and 17 Dimka. In the morning, and work better, and to heat can be a lot to get done.

And that while protal seven kilometers, and willingness to work will be lost.
In the morning, as soon as the parents went to work, came running Dimka with his backpack.
- Well, let you go – he asked.
- Yeah, you – I replied.
- And me, too – said Dima.
I took my backpack and began to close the house.
- You’re going to go naked – said Dima.

- I now close my house and take off everything and hide in the garden – I explained. Free gay teen cam chat.

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