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And who is the owner of this apartment?
Yes, some one businessman .. He went to Belgium
And you entrusted the keys to this apartment?

Well, yeah … We got to talking with him and when I told him that I study every party, he said that he wanted to learn and every party does not reach, because it is very difficult … as a result, he graduated from MIPT
So leave your keys? She said, continuing to walk around the apartment.
And I do not know why … I try not to be here, just shows …

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Many look?
Average .. m. every five days
Wow! Giving up a long time?
A month already. A long and difficult to pass, but the commission is large. I flunked all Internet ads and photos of this apartment. Try to find someone
Yeah, for 170 units per month …, she said, sitting on the big sofa in one of the rooms.

Well, yeah … I said, pulling a little smile.
I’ve started to realize that it is necessary to finish the show, so I decided to hint that we should call it a day, starting from afar.

Well, how are you?
Yeah, cool flatlet
Well, it’s late …
I am, in short, will stay here until you find a client .. The apartment is empty anyway, so … she said, putting a foot on the leg rather brazen voice that I heard the belief that nothing I can argue it on her. For a second I thought she was joking, but then I realized that it is serious.

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