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Miss Uolsori lay silent, unable to either do something or think about something, as soon as his back arched, when again the male instrument included in her ass was relaxing and diligently to reduce the pain. Simon nibbled the skin on her neck.

God, it seems, a lot of exciting is happening not only Simon, but the younger George. Quite clearly, even through the pain of movements member Simon inside, Miss Uolsori felt the love of George Spear in her womb rapidly poured strength and power. Not only that, the younger son of hip, yet slowly and smoothly steel shake it for yourself.

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But she felt that though slowly, but the speed and power of love beats her sons grew. And oddly enough, but Miss Uolsori did not respond to such actions, though I understand that soon, in the arms of his sons, excited and overheated like young stallions in their first mating, she will not sweet. But what could she do?

What else but to accept and submit to his sons? Miss Uolosri only moaned loudly and hysterically when deep inside her, separated only by a thin partition of her flesh, met two powerful spears intense love …
- Mom – suddenly George stroked her cheek – kiss, Simon, mother ..
Hand Simon took her by the hair and pulled her head back.

- Mom – the voice of the elder son broke with excitement – Mommy, I love you .. Mom, you feel me?
- Yes .. – Strong enough to breathe Miss Uolsori.
- Oh, mama .. – Simon groaned, glaring at her lips savory and passionate kiss.

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