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He did not even notice how his hand flashed. They pointed to the girl. He leaned his hand to his chest girl, and she covered him with the palm of his small palm.

Became apparent as the gold cross on a chain of yellow rich become bright white …
Girl with incomprehension examined its bright luminous hand. He saw his grin, almost extinct.
-And I wanted to forget you.

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Not believe that we will meet, sweetie …
He stared into her eyes. Heart like too much pounding. And why is it slower than usual.
The girl held out her palm to him.

-I do not want to miss.
Ushers her to his chest.
And he realized that they were always together.
Her touch … It was the last thing he felt.
Say in the plane crash, only one passenger survived. Woman over fifty with a fractured hand. A man in his thirties with a woman and a girl – like all the others were killed.

And someone said to me, when what did he survived then. But get out of the coma and could not, and white light bulbs resuscitation through his eyelids, probably was his last memory …
Although one of my girl friend named Eugene kept saying that the dead can take with them their favorite, if very much love.

And then he burst into laughter, saying that it’s just an old bike. And what that slight sadness still recited in her brown eyes … No, or blue? Yes like in brown.

Or …
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