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- And you can see training – Christine asked.
- Possible. Come on.
Kristina fizruki headed to the gym there were already guys from the tenth and eleventh grades, but none of them was the guy.

Christina sat on the bench and watched the workout.
- And today, Sergei Belkin will not need him to the hospital – said a tall guy. Christina realized that he is the guy who fucked her in the ass. She got up and went home.

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The next morning, Christina came to school and went into the closet as always fizruka he sat on his chair, Christina sucked him and went to his office, she sat down at his desk and looked in the mirror, someone knocked on the door, Christina turned her head and I saw that guy.
- Christina can Anatolivna – whispered guy.
- Sergey Belkin can – boldly answered Christina – Sit down.

Man sat at the desk and put his head down.
- Well Belkin will do. Do you have any any who did not say that there have happened. A.
- No, said – not raising his head, said Belkin – Well, you said yourself that I fuck you …

- Well, okay, I blame myself. But it must remain between us and no one should know about it. Do you ever liked.

- Yes, I have this to anyone not engaged – unashamedly said Belkin.
- Well go, but not who.
Belkin got up and went to the door, Christina quietly sighed and sat back in his chair and she dropped a pencil on the floor, she bent down to pick up a pencil and saw that the table is made hole just at her feet.

Kristina rose from the table, and crawled under the front row, was seen through a hole just what the teacher under a skirt. Free tamil live sex chat.

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