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-I am looking for a girlfriend, Wilhelmina name, said she lives in this house …
-So you’re a girl chtoli? I’m sorry, my dear, you need Minka what? So yes, she lives here, probably still at work, can you come to me, tea popesh?

Okolelov all!
-No thanks, I sit …
-Well as you want, if that third floor, apartment 38 Crawl to drink tea!

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-Thank you very much)
The girl was gone, literally in her yard taxied something small, heart pounding rapidly, I realized that it was her, the one that’s already 8:00 I’m waiting in the cold.
I ran to her, yes, it was my Wilke, I fell on my knees in front of her, began to apologize, something chattering, screaming, requested, and she was silent ….

And I’m still talking, talking, talking …
Wilke fell to her knees and kissed me … just saying nothing …
Then stood up and said …
- As I was afraid that you will not find me …

You know, that night was not to forget, we loved each other, loved … is my Wilk just did not want to ruin our relationship with Vika, and therefore did not give signs currently.
Now we are happy to …
And forget that my fatal mistake ….

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