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Free webcam face toface. Sperm could not resist her mouth, and a thin trickle ran down his chin. – Look at the camera! – The camera clicked again.
After that Ivan took my camera and took a few pictures as a teacher finger poddevaem sperm and sticking out tongue licked.

She liked the taste.
- Like sperm? – Irina lowered her eyes. – That’s good. I’ll give you a lot of sperm.

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In his words, there was some cunning and Irina looked blankly at Ivan. In his eyes was humility. But he only smiled. He buttoned his pants and started to leave.
- Until tomorrow. – And he went out.
She waited with horror the next day, thinking about what he did to her.

If he let her. She hoped: but only superficially – inside she hoped that he will make it one revolution about which she dreamed of sleepless nights, craving male affection.
The next day, Ivan came not alone. Irina saw with horror Misha from the eleventh class, completed Losers. Without giving her talk, Ivan said:
- Undress.

She performed, pleading, and at the same time, despite the lustful eyes tormentors.
Before she knew it, Ivan ordered her to kneel. After Irina fulfilled orders, Ivan ordered:
- Now, go on all fours to the party – Ivan pointed to the front row – and lay down on her chest.
Humiliated, Irina crawled on the dirty floor to the desk.

There she leaned on the desk, as a pupil told her why her ass to present the views of the two friends. She tried to get up so that friends could be seen as little as possible of what they hoped to see. She knew how it was useless, but shame was still sitting in it.

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