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-Initially broke, but then slomalas.V fact that it is necessary, especially sucks well.
Mom stared at the woman and said:
-Please let us go with my son, we will not tell anyone.
-Silent crawl here, if you do everything as I ask, I’ll let you go.

Mom tried raised as a woman made her mom slicing down and fell back on the priest.
-I crawl on my knees! Mom crawled up to her.
She grabbed her by the hair and pressed his face to his mother’s fucked up and said:
-Are you ready to do my will?
-Yes, I’m ready for anything, just let us go, Mom said.

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-Clean yourself up, after about 3 minutes to be here.
Mom went into the bathroom, and they sat down on the sofa and began to discuss what will delat.Tem time the woman began to get all sorts of bags prichendaly.
-I have one stick and able to manage all probably say a big man
-I wimp 2-3 shots more precisely is.

Laughing said the second.
Then I heard what that noise and voice your mom she called for help but quickly grabbed her and dragged into the hall and threw on the sofa.
-You’re a bitch nehochesh, do me nicely, said this strange woman.
- On lap fast! Mom got on her knees, the woman took off her panties. She looked very sexy, but her bitchiness sparked fears.

She pressed her mother’s face to his hairy fucking and ordered to lick.
Mom obediently began to lick at this time man, who was called Sergei put mom moved apart legs.
Mom vylizaval pussy this woman, and she pulled her tits, pulling nipples.
AAA, good, good girl, said she took her mother ona.Tut his head and sat down on her ass and mom took turns licking her ass then pussy then.

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