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-Well bitch, your daddy doprygalsya and now in return you will be my slave bitch and uptime

I was frightened and began to wail, tearfully asked to let go, but he would not listen, he undid me and raised beds
-Undress bitch and show me what you have for daddy
I realized that was lost, but could do nothing as to obey, I took off my shirt and pants, remained in shorts, he came to me and abruptly tore off my last item of clothing and began to paw my body, I was scared, but I afraid to stop him.

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He eagerly kissed me, his rough hands gripped my tender flesh, twisting my nipples, I was screaming in pain
-Nothing bitch, time will pass and you will start such treatment please.
Then rude jerk threw me on the bed
-Now spread your legs and show her pussy

I was embarrassed, but I had to spread his legs apart and push fingers her pussy, he leaned toward her
-Mmm, I love young flesh, as I understand it, you are not yet 18?
He laughed mockingly, and then put his finger in my mouth
-You’ll be obedient bitch and call me with your Lord?

I reluctantly nodded, then he tried to put me finger wet with saliva, but I cried out in pain, so was still a virgin. He laughed
-I do not like virgin, like everything to be as an adult woman, well, we quickly fix it. Lastly, he slapped me on the juicy pussy and went without saying a word …

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