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- Hey you! ..
Sergeant face was yellow. Poliloveli lips, he barely vysheptal:
- What … What do you want?
- Something your rescuers did not move, – muttered Ahmed. – They need to see blood, to quickly … Do not be afraid! One shot – and all. Not hurt. Did not even feel it.

Get up, two steps forward.
In the terrible silence sergeant screamed loudly, like a hare, fell on his knees:
- Do not kill me! I want to live!
Ahmed watched with disgust:
- Shame on you! You’re a soldier! You have been trained …
- Yes! But I went through high school survival! .. I was taught to survive at any cost! Anyone!

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He squealed in panic because of the muzzle of the automaton in the hands of a terrorist looked at him death. There briefly polyhnet fire and steel bullet detonate his skull, and he did not pass it.

He was taught to kill and survive, taught to kill a lot and quickly, but that can kill him, said hurriedly, immediately changing the subject to what rewards await on return, for promotions, and most importantly – high salaries, hiking , double for a stay in foreign waters …
Akbarsho asked in English Valentine:
- What is he?

Valentin explained with difficulty choosing his words:
- He, like all Americans … knows that all Americans are descended from apes. And one American who came from apes … especially, he explained that they now have a monkey and that we should not stifle our shameful instincts, passions. We have to live like a monkey that has gained mind …

Young Arab recoiled at the beautiful face of disgust ran cramp: Indian hot online sex chat free.

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