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-Of course I am now, with these words, Andrey fled to a nearby stall.

Then they took the car, drove to the house, Andrew and the truth did not live so far away from the center, up to the floor.
Natasha had not noticed that that must have seemed strange. Guys really very fussed nervous.

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Entering the apartment, Natasha sat on the couch while the boys went to the kitchen, saying that they need to smoke, Natasha looked around the room, pretty cozy, neat sofa, wardrobe, desk, something on the table caught her eye, came up to him, she I realized it was a magazine, or rather porn magazine. Curiosity got the better and Nataha perelisnula page was a picture of her 16 years old girl with two men, she sucked one while the other fucked her.

Natasha, being a normal teenager, naturally a little excited, she suddenly noticed a small white spot withered, right on the page. Ah, here he is doing in your spare time, she thought. Submitting this picture she involuntarily quickened breathing.

It was only then she noticed that it was all because of the heat soaked and now “thanks” to this her nipples became clearly visible right through her bra.
Damn, I thought Natasha and only then realized that it said aloud.
-What is it?

Asked Andrew, who was at that time, came into the room, but seeing the Natasha, speechless.
She stood in a half turn to him, a little bent over porn magazine and through the topic on him smotrea amazing pair of papillae.
Hesitated a moment, he went up to her and just hugged, said: Java sex chat online.

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